Morning Dew

The sweet reminder from Mbak Mikan.

Doh…I am so bad to write some short opening in the rebloged post. 😐

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I recently came across Steve Harvey’s new book,”Act Like a Success Think Like a Success” (actually published in September 2014). I remember reading his first #1 New York Times bestseller, ” Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” which was a really good guidance for those single ladies waiting to find their plus one. The book helps women to be successful in love by sorting out characteristics and criteria that really matter to them in finding their life time partner. I really like the book because it is practical and told from a man’s perspective giving its female readers a powerful insight on what this species is really thinking when they say something 😀

With the same funny yet firm style, Steve gives warm and insightful voice in simple and easy language on how to succeed in life by defining your gift, perfecting it and riding it to success. I…

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