Who does not want to, huh? 😀

As travelers, if we want to go somewhere, we don’t need to think twice about the cost of traveling anymore. No need to type “the budget hotel option in (let say) Bali” keyword in Google. Because, you already have Doraemon’s Anywhere Door!

I hope Doraemon will not angry to me everytime I grab Anywhere Door from his pocket. :P [Source: a href collectiondx.com]
I hope Doraemon will not angry to me everytime I grab Anywhere Door from his pocket. 😛 [Source: here]
Let say, I want to go to Kenya! Then we only need to grab Anywhere Door from Doraemon’s Pocket.

And voila! We are in Kenya in a minute. No need to long haul, no need to through the complex immigration rules, no need to pay visa, no need to buy a ticket, but still need to think about the hotel. But at least, we eliminate one important thing to do traveling: ticket.

Can you guess where my destination is if I have an Anywhere Door?


The answer is…I will go to Mecca to do pilgrim and invite my family to join. And when we were there, I want pilgrimage to the tomb of Rasulullah. I want to visit all the historic site in Mecca.

Yes, Mecca is my number one place that I want to visit before die.


This blog entry makes up a collection of writing by fellow bloggers, who joined [EF#4 Challenge] Grab A Tool From Doraemon’s Magic Pocket! Let’s write your idea!



  1. I’m afraid the time space continum will break if too many people use the door Dev. *hahahahahaha. *ngiri ama pilihan alatnya
    Then I guess I will just tag along with you. My my jelly translator you won’t get any difficulties traveling away


    1. I knooow it, Bang about the risk if too many people using the door hahahaha…but well, I still want it! :p
      And yes, I need you to go with me because you have that translator tool.


  2. Haha, to me this still does not solve the problem Dev because we do still need to prepare for a visa if our destination requires us one, no? Otherwise we will be like illegal aliens in that country 😛 .


  3. Deva… so sorry for late stopping by on this post of yours.
    Nice choice Dev, I knew you would choose this one. Hahaha, like any other travelers I guess. But the place you choose to go with your family, showed me one other side of you. You love family. 😀


  4. I agree with Mas Andik, travelling using the Anywhere Door will somehow reduce the fun of travelling itself. But if this door does exists I think everybody would choose to have one :))

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