EF #2 – My Wildest Dream: The International Travel Writer

Hopefully you are not bored to read how passionate I am with literacy, either writing or reading. Beside writing and reading, I love traveling also.

Let’s imagine…we can go to some place for not only 1-3 weeks, but for a month, two months, etc. While traveling we write about the journey and all those writing could be publish in the international magazines, traveling books, or website traveling, and a lot of international events would to invite us as a speaker. Huo…I am becoming so wild!

I met Trinity in Ubud Writer and Reader Festival 2011. Goodness, 4 years ago!
I met Trinity in Ubud Writer and Reader Festival 2011. Goodness, 4 years ago!

And do you know when you have a dream, you need to share the idea to your friends or family so you have a support group to actualize that dream and I did it. I shared to my friends and thank God, they have the same dream with me.

So, we made a concept to make our dream come true, step by step. Hopefully we can make some good progress every single day.

I remember one quote from Mbak Ainun – founder of Akademi Berbagi: “Beri kaki pada mimpi – Give foot in a dream”.

So whatever our dream if we want to make it, we should to start with one small step and start from now!


Bonne chance! – Good luck!


For all of you friends who participates in the challenge, please kindly fill out the below form below for your submission to ease and better result of recap process. The form will also available in other admins’ post (Bang Dani, Nita, Mas Andik, and Mas Ryan).

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47 thoughts on “EF #2 – My Wildest Dream: The International Travel Writer

      1. mimpi baru sih sebenernya.. haha.. gara2 suka jalan2 aja.. trus jadi mikir.. knp ga nulis juga ttng travel.. jadi yahh, gt dehh. haha.. goodluck for us! =)


  1. wah ternyata volunter saat UWRF dua tahun lalu ya Dev..
    semoga impian bisa jadi travel writernya kesampaian ya.

    I love the quote “give foot to every dreams”. you can do it Dev 🙂


  2. What an amazing dream Deva. I am imagining one day I read nice traveling articles in well known magazine written by Ladeva. A very possible dream! 🙂


  3. Deva, salam kenal dari banana! I agree with the comments above, you are on your way becoming it. I Used to be your silent reader (not anymore!! yay!). I wrote in one of my posts that I was secretly praying to meet my lifetime (travel) partner after I read a travel blog. I wasn’t sure ( blame the old age!!) but I think I was actually referring your blog. So yes, you are on your way! Keep moving towards it!! Ganbatte 🙂


    1. Whoaaa…Mbak Nana, thank you so much for your lovely comment. You just made my day! Please don’t be my silent reader hahaha because I need much inputs to improve my writing skill. 🙂


  4. Kalo mbak Deva sih, mestilah tercapai mimpinya karena rajin jalan-jalan dan menulis. Nggak kayak aku yg malesan dan moody-an, abislah terkubur dalam mimpi, uwuuwuwuw 😦


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