Almost 2 Years

On almost this two years, I found a strong meaning of friendship, love and endless support.


I thought I can’t pass that phase, in the beginning. But today, when I looked back to whatsoever happen, I can smile insya Allah.

Because I have a lot of people, who always accepted me.

People, with a huge heart said, “Everything gonna be ok”.

People who always stand by me, without thingking about border of time, age, or place.

People who never tired to cheer me up on early that sadness come.

People who give some time for me to cry and give their shoulder just for me.

People who can put me as their priority.

And people who smile when I am smile and hug me to say, “Alhamdulillah you already through that phase”.

People that Allah gave to me.

Without them, I am nothing.

Thank you so much for everything, dear my lovely people on Earth.

I love you, guys!

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