[EF #8] The Letter for Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,

How are you? Still busy to keep your achievement in the class and join with the campus organization?

I know, sometimes you feeling sad because you have limited time to go to the mall with your friends. But it’s ok. You can see a few months or a year later, they will come to you. And after that, you will have much time to hang out with them. Yes, your best friends until 10 years after and still counting. Trust me!

7 years after you will take a short trip to Curug Nangka with them. :D
7 years after you will take a short trip to Curug Nangka with them. πŸ˜€

I write this letter because I want to say thank you to your effort to be the best student in the colleges. Thank you to keep your spirit as high as you can. If you not doing this, I do not know what going happen today.

Keep up your spirit because you are the one, who will receive all the result of your effort.


28 thoughts on “[EF #8] The Letter for Younger Me

  1. Congratulations, the best student!
    Yes, I agree with Nadia, you already traveled a lot I think, even when that was 10 years ago! So awesome!
    Last but not least, good luck for tomorrow’s event! I sincerely wish that the event will be fun and successful!


    1. Thanks for your greeting, Gara! I forget since when I did my first short trip but my long trip (I mean out of Java Island) was on 2009, after I did my graduation.
      Aaand…thanks again for your wishes. Do you know that I and all admins getting so nervous for tomorrow xD

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