EF#3 How Gadgets Affect My Life

This is interesting question for Friday Challenge in Blog English Club. Do you already registered as a member, fellow bloggers? πŸ™‚

Let’s start my answer of the question.

First, let me explain that I only have iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Young, and my lovely Acer Aspire One as my gadgets. Do you realize something, guys? I do not have any tablet as my gadgets! Hahaha…why? Because I think I am enough with those gadgets. Feeling enough is beautiful, isn’t it?

If I want to write I can use my Acer, or iPhone 4 for handling my social media, and my Samsung for the tethering. Now, I am using 2 numbers because my very old number, XL being very slow for the internet so I decide to buy the new number and I choose Telkomsel as my internet provider. So far, I am satisfied!

Back to the topic.

Gadgets for me is the main tool to communicate with family and friends. In my iPhone (this is my premier gadget) I am installing some of social media, such as an Email, WordPress, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Youtube, Feedly, and Whatsapp. And for support my writing job, I am installing Google Translate, Evernote and Dropbox (for back up my data also). Latest, banks application and travelling tools (Air BnB, Traveloka, and Grab Taxi). Much? I do not know. One think for sure, I am not always open all the social media every day.

Deva, where is a games on your gadget? Don’t you love get some fun through online games?

Unfortunately, I am not really love playing games. I only have Candy Crush in my phone for the sake of my nephew’s fun. I would prefer to read or write rather than play a game. πŸ˜€

So, according to all the social media that I have, gadgets are important for me. From those social media in my gadget, I have an opportunity to spread my networking. Yeah, fulltime freelancer still being one of my dreams, so for me the networking is very important but again, it depends on who you follow. If you following wrong community or person then you will get nothing.

But I do not want being a people, who addict to the gadgets. I am trying to always put my gadgets when I am talking to anyone. I still remember a few years ago when I met my sister (after 3 years do not meet), I do not pay attention to her because I was busy typing on my phone. And suddenly I realize that typing on the phone while someone talking to you is not polite. Since then, I put my phone while meet up with anyone. And sometimes I feel tired to always busy with those gadgets.

[Source: http://www.brucesallan.com]
[Source: http://www.brucesallan.com%5D
Anyone agree with me?


42 thoughts on “EF#3 How Gadgets Affect My Life

  1. primarynya tetep si smart phone ya Dev….
    Akupun lagi mencoba untuk ga buka-buka hp kalau lagi ngobrol sama orang, tetep belajar jadi bijak ya kita buat ngegunain teknologi


  2. Sebel emang, kalo lg ngumpul eeehh malah pada nunduk 😦

    Hp saya lebih buat ambil foto sih, makanya pertimbangan utama ya kamera Hp hrs bagus pas punya itu πŸ˜€


      1. Sama mereknya apel krowak, hanya beda angkatannya saja hehe

        Tp beneran ya, neng ipon atau ceu popon itu meski pixelnya ngga heboh kaya hp lain, tp hasilnya tetep paling cantik.. cieeee ini mah krn pencinta neng ipon dr jaman duluuuu…. hahaa


  3. I do the same mba Deva, try avoiding gadget during talking with someone. kalo orang diajak ngomong ma kita, tapi tetep fokusnya ke hp, kita juga kesel ya mba. So…let’s begin from ourselves, respect other then we’ll be respected by other.

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  4. I have no game since the first time I had smartphone. Later I installed onet in my previous cellphone. Now I only have 1 Xperia and 1 nokia 1112. Toss we are XL an Tsel user.
    *njuk ngopo


  5. Deva I am finally here 😁 I don’t play with my phone when I talk to people ( but I put it on the table) and now I am learning to put my phone in my bag when meeting others ( adopting this habit from Australians). Oh, and I thought I was far behind for not having a Tablet. Lol


  6. I know that feel. Rasanya itu kyk ngomong sendiri, dicuekin abisss. Tapi pernah juga sebaliknya, ternyata ga terasa apa-apa kalo sudah tenggelam dgn gadget. Jadinya makin apatis saja rasanya. Makanya sekarang diusahain ga spt itu. Sungguh terlalu kalo kata bang Rhoma…


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