One Word for 2015: EXPLORE

A few weeks ago I was having quite an interesting conversation with two friends in one of the coffee shops in Bandung. One of them is an avid traveler. Don’t ask what countries he has been to and how long he usually travels.

“We have a plan to visit Flores in the middle of this year,” I told C – let’s just call him that.

“Cool! For how long? A month?” he replied with a very enthusiastic tone.

I replied, “That’s impossible! We are office employees, who have a limited holiday time! Only 8 days! Not like you, who have unlimited time.”

After that, C gave us many inputs for our travel plan. C always spends a lot of time when traveling for EXPLORING the uniqueness of whatever place he goes to. So, he’s not only checklisting his bucket list but also talks to the people, tastes their food, and…imagine, he once stayed on the boat with a group of fishermen for more than a week to know how they do their work! Dangerously amazing!

From his story, suddenly I realized again that we live only once, so we should explore to learn how far we can go and deal with any kind of situation.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

In this year – 2015 – I want to EXPLORE myself in the better way (of course), such as my writing and blogging skills. And also explore the world through traveling. I can’t wait to do my Flores Trip again, insha Allah!

ExploreLast but not least, be grateful for everything in your life. And hopefully at the end of the day we can be a better person, every single day. Aamiin!

Now, would you tell me what your word is for 2015? 🙂


This blog entry makes up a collection of writing by fellow bloggers who joined the English Blogging Club, launched on January 5, 2015. Learning English while blogging! Why not? 😉

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39 thoughts on “One Word for 2015: EXPLORE

      1. yup, but the common question is always “how do i live?i need to get money,etc” being different is always hard. i could say that being like your friends is my wildest dream ever. lol!


  1. I always admire a person who travels a lot, “envy” exactly huhuhu. I used to be afraid to travel especially backpacker, but honestly, I want to try it. My perception always blocks me. In line with Nadia, the things come to my mind “How do I live?” ” Ho do I get money?” aaa too many too think. Salute mba Deva!!


  2. I always wonder how can people like your ‘avid traveler’ friend have sooo much time for traveling (months in a place)… I’ve seen bule2 in Bali also stays there for months…
    I hope this year your wish comes true yaaaa to explore many more places 😀


  3. aaaah, I really wanna go somewhere as a backpacker, but I have 2 y.o son at home.. it’d be impossible to leave him.. trus pengen nambah anak pulaak..
    hmm, maybe I could follow your spirit as an explorer when I reach 30.. hhuhuhuh.. *syedih*


  4. One of many things i regret as a 30 years old person is “i’m not travel enough in my 20ies” nyeseeeel mamiih nyeseeelll.
    Now what travelling meant to me is “buying something from either tradional or modern market or going to the mall with my family”
    Ngenes amat idup *ngorekin tanah*


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