[EF #10] Ransel Ijo and Her Outfit

The first time I read in admin’s group that we want to take OOTD (outfit of the day) as our weekly challenges, my face was changed like this -_-*

Hahaha…pardon me.

I never posting about fashion stuff in my blog. So this topic very challenging for me.

Here we go!


That picture was taken by my friend, when we were in Cirebon, last October. The weather was hot so I need to always open my umbrella.

Here are the details of my outfit, based on the photo:

  • Casual dress (bought at ITC Cipulir),
  • Socks (bought at Mayestik),
  • Red veil (bought at Pondok Gede’s Mall),
  • Sandals (bought at Citos Mall), and
  • Of course my lovely Deuter – Ransel Ijo (bought at Tandike Store).

I am not always use Ransel Ijo on my daily. It depends on what I need to bring. If I need to bring many things, then I will use Deuter but if not I will use my Top Shop Bag. Like on this photo:

Why I am look tired on this photo? o_O

So, after you read this writing, do you agree with Ola’s opinion about me, that I am woman with girly look? 😀