Do I Love Sport?

The answer is yes! Even not regularly. A few months ago I did squash every Wednesday after hour at Gelora Bung Karno but since I need to go home ontime, so I decided to stop it. 

Then what kind of sport I choose for now?

Riding a bicycle is the answer. 😀


Beside riding a bicycle, sometimes swimming could be my alternative option. Ssst…I can’t swimming profesionally. Just do some free style. :p

One of my fav swimming pool: Umbul Sidomukti, Semarang

So now you know that I do love some sport. 🙂

Like today. Me and my family went to GBK to do short jogging. I didn’t do jogging but I did this:

Of course it wasn’t me. :p

Thanks to GBK to facilitate this equipment for us. *burn fitness member card* Hahaha…

So this is my story to fulfill Weekly Challenge from BEC. How about you?