[EF #6] Alter Ego


Because I really want to know about this topic, I browse some info about alter ego but I am clueless in the middle of the reading. That’s why I ask my cousin, who take Master Psychology in UNPAD, Bandung. She said that every people have an alter ego, either they realized or not and that’s not the bad thing. Alter ego is one of self-defense mechanism and influenced by the background of our childhood (trauma in the childhood or our parenting history).

My voila moment was when my cousin (her name is Devi, yes Devi and I am Deva:P) give an example about myself:

Her: Dev, let me give you an example. You are career woman and firm. But in the other side, you can act like a child. The ‘childish’ is your alter ego. You rarely to show the other side of you to random person. You only showing ‘the childish’ side on your close person, such as our family and/or your best friends. And nothing wrong with that.

And suddenly I agree with her. And smile silently. 😛

She continues her explanation:

If someone has many identity – let’s say double identity- it because her/his ego strength very low.


When I shared this explanation to my best friend, she said: Oh maybe like a very friendly person in the chat room but when we do a meet up, we feel like a stranger and stop talking.

Well…perhaps. Maybe they love to type via phone but not love talking. But I’d prefer to assume that the person not interesting to talk with us rather than think is it her/his alter ego or not. As simple as that.


Now, I am looking for my choki-choki! My alter ego calling my name. Hahaha…but wait, are we to old to love choki-choki?




Who does not want to, huh? 😀

As travelers, if we want to go somewhere, we don’t need to think twice about the cost of traveling anymore. No need to type “the budget hotel option in (let say) Bali” keyword in Google. Because, you already have Doraemon’s Anywhere Door!

I hope Doraemon will not angry to me everytime I grab Anywhere Door from his pocket. :P [Source: a href collectiondx.com]
I hope Doraemon will not angry to me everytime I grab Anywhere Door from his pocket. 😛 [Source: here]
Let say, I want to go to Kenya! Then we only need to grab Anywhere Door from Doraemon’s Pocket.

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EF#3 How Gadgets Affect My Life

This is interesting question for Friday Challenge in Blog English Club. Do you already registered as a member, fellow bloggers? 🙂

Let’s start my answer of the question.

First, let me explain that I only have iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Young, and my lovely Acer Aspire One as my gadgets. Do you realize something, guys? I do not have any tablet as my gadgets! Hahaha…why? Because I think I am enough with those gadgets. Feeling enough is beautiful, isn’t it?

If I want to write I can use my Acer, or iPhone 4 for handling my social media, and my Samsung for the tethering. Now, I am using 2 numbers because my very old number, XL being very slow for the internet so I decide to buy the new number and I choose Telkomsel as my internet provider. So far, I am satisfied!

Back to the topic.

Gadgets for me is the main tool to communicate with family and friends. In my iPhone (this is my premier gadget) I am installing some of social media, such as an Email, WordPress, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Youtube, Feedly, and Whatsapp. And for support my writing job, I am installing Google Translate, Evernote and Dropbox (for back up my data also). Latest, banks application and travelling tools (Air BnB, Traveloka, and Grab Taxi). Much? I do not know. One think for sure, I am not always open all the social media every day.

Deva, where is a games on your gadget? Don’t you love get some fun through online games?

Unfortunately, I am not really love playing games. I only have Candy Crush in my phone for the sake of my nephew’s fun. I would prefer to read or write rather than play a game. 😀

So, according to all the social media that I have, gadgets are important for me. From those social media in my gadget, I have an opportunity to spread my networking. Yeah, fulltime freelancer still being one of my dreams, so for me the networking is very important but again, it depends on who you follow. If you following wrong community or person then you will get nothing.

But I do not want being a people, who addict to the gadgets. I am trying to always put my gadgets when I am talking to anyone. I still remember a few years ago when I met my sister (after 3 years do not meet), I do not pay attention to her because I was busy typing on my phone. And suddenly I realize that typing on the phone while someone talking to you is not polite. Since then, I put my phone while meet up with anyone. And sometimes I feel tired to always busy with those gadgets.

[Source: http://www.brucesallan.com]
[Source: http://www.brucesallan.com%5D
Anyone agree with me?