[EF #15] Where Are All Those Games?

“Generasi menunduk” – said my Mom one time, when we were on the bus. Almost every people looked to their phone, either young adult or kids.

Suddenly I was looked into outside of the window. I saw a group of kids were busy with their phone and I was recalled my memory. When I was on 10 years old, I was busy playing hide and seek with my friends. I even don’t know how to use my daddy’s mobile phone. If I am not playing with my friends, I’d prefer to spend my time with reading some books.

But now we can see many kids busy typing with their mobile phone, busy to take a selfie picture, busy to share their moment through social media. And when I asked my nephew – 8 years old, “Do you know Bu Kasur?” She answered, “Who is she?”


“Do you know how to play petak jongkok?

“No. What is that?”


Taken from here

I believe many kids in urban area have the same issue with my nephew. They love playing, they love singing and dancing but yeah…they are too busy with their gadget.

In my opinion, this “gadget-freak era” has plus and minus. The plus thing is they have good skill and capability to know technology earlier than us – when we were on their age. The minus thing is kids need to move their body actively rather than only staring on their gadget. A friend of mine only gives maximum 2 hours for their kids to play a gadget, after that they need to turn off the gadget and do another activity.

How about my nephew? Well, they love gadget also but their parents do not know want to give a sophisticated gadget and do not install many games on it. Me and my sisters trying as best as we can to turn off our gadget when we are around the kids so they will know that we can do anything else, not just depending on our gadget. Hopefully it works.

Ah, by writing this post, make me missing my congklak, lompat tali, bola bekel, etc.

How about you? Want to be kids again?


Do I Love Sport?

The answer is yes! Even not regularly. A few months ago I did squash every Wednesday after hour at Gelora Bung Karno but since I need to go home ontime, so I decided to stop it. 

Then what kind of sport I choose for now?

Riding a bicycle is the answer. 😀


Beside riding a bicycle, sometimes swimming could be my alternative option. Ssst…I can’t swimming profesionally. Just do some free style. :p

One of my fav swimming pool: Umbul Sidomukti, Semarang

So now you know that I do love some sport. 🙂

Like today. Me and my family went to GBK to do short jogging. I didn’t do jogging but I did this:

Of course it wasn’t me. :p

Thanks to GBK to facilitate this equipment for us. *burn fitness member card* Hahaha…

So this is my story to fulfill Weekly Challenge from BEC. How about you?


Meet Up with Strangers: Why Not?

Did I ever wrote that I do really love meet up with new people? The only reason why I love to do that because I feel content every time I talk to them, include bloggers and travelers.

The massive meet up with bloggers that I ever attend was on BEC First Meet Up. In that event I met about 20 bloggers! Such a huge number for me. 😀

And beside bloggers, I always love meet up with the new friend while I did a travel. I still remember when I was joined as volunteer in Ubud Writer and Reader Festival 2011. I arrived in Bali on 10 pm, and suddenly one young lady say hi to me, “Deva?” and I was like, “Yes?” and still wondering, who is she.

“I am Trina from Philipinnes, one of UWRF’s volunteer. I am the one who want to share car rent cost with you tonight.”

Ah! On that moment, I really blamed my short memory, how come I didn’t remember her face!


Trina is one of the new friends that I know from UWRF 2011. And until now I still keep contact with the others. Share the stories, the knowledge and sometimes share the job also. Hahaha…that’s the power of networking, yes?

Volunteers of UWRF 2011
Volunteers of UWRF 2011

Btw yesterday, I found my UWRF’s friend through Twitter. 😀


After 4 years finally we can keep contact again. Horray!


Beside UWRF 2011, since 2012 until now I join with Petualang 24, the traveling community. Do not ask about the amount of member because we do not make any member data. Every time we do an open trip, we always have a new member to join. So it’s like: new trip new friends. 🙂

New trip new friends [Pic: Opa Mbul]
New trip new friends – Madura
[Pic: Opa Mbul]
And thank God, until now I have no bad experience when I meet with new people and do a traveling with them. Deep inside my heart, I hope every people who meet with me will feel content and comfortable also. 🙂

So once again, meet up with strangers: why not?

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[EF #8] The Letter for Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,

How are you? Still busy to keep your achievement in the class and join with the campus organization?

I know, sometimes you feeling sad because you have limited time to go to the mall with your friends. But it’s ok. You can see a few months or a year later, they will come to you. And after that, you will have much time to hang out with them. Yes, your best friends until 10 years after and still counting. Trust me!

7 years after you will take a short trip to Curug Nangka with them. :D
7 years after you will take a short trip to Curug Nangka with them. 😀

I write this letter because I want to say thank you to your effort to be the best student in the colleges. Thank you to keep your spirit as high as you can. If you not doing this, I do not know what going happen today.

Keep up your spirit because you are the one, who will receive all the result of your effort.


[EF #7] Enjoy the Moment


The picture taken on December, 2014 in Cirebon when I and my friends went to Kasepuhan Palace. We used two pedicabs and pay Rp 10.000,- per each. When suddenly turned around, I saw those two pedicabs drivers chatting while driving the pedicabs. Mmm…maybe I just mellow at that time but when I saw those two drivers, I smile. And talk to myself, “Life is not competition to be won.”

Ah, suddenly I am thinking about Jakarta, a very crowded city and full of the competition and…anger.

Let me tell you the story.

When I want to go to the office this morning, I saw a woman screaming to the bus driver, who push her motorcycle until the woman fall down, mm…not really fall down actually but just shaky a little bit. After that, some people come to help the woman and the bus driver need to pay some compensation to the women.

And the incident like that happens a lot of time in Jakarta.

To be honest, I feel sad every time I saw the incident like this. I am sad some people need to be fighting in the public area and shout some harsh words.

Back to those two pedicabs drivers, I saw peace on their faces. They are not in hurry to do their job. They enjoy the moment.

Well, when is the last time you really enjoy YOUR moment and do you can handle your emotion when meet something out of your expectation?