[EF #15] Where Are All Those Games?

“Generasi menunduk” – said my Mom one time, when we were on the bus. Almost every people looked to their phone, either young adult or kids.

Suddenly I was looked into outside of the window. I saw a group of kids were busy with their phone and I was recalled my memory. When I was on 10 years old, I was busy playing hide and seek with my friends. I even don’t know how to use my daddy’s mobile phone. If I am not playing with my friends, I’d prefer to spend my time with reading some books.

But now we can see many kids busy typing with their mobile phone, busy to take a selfie picture, busy to share their moment through social media. And when I asked my nephew – 8 years old, “Do you know Bu Kasur?” She answered, “Who is she?”


“Do you know how to play petak jongkok?

“No. What is that?”


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I believe many kids in urban area have the same issue with my nephew. They love playing, they love singing and dancing but yeah…they are too busy with their gadget.

In my opinion, this “gadget-freak era” has plus and minus. The plus thing is they have good skill and capability to know technology earlier than us – when we were on their age. The minus thing is kids need to move their body actively rather than only staring on their gadget. A friend of mine only gives maximum 2 hours for their kids to play a gadget, after that they need to turn off the gadget and do another activity.

How about my nephew? Well, they love gadget also but their parents do not know want to give a sophisticated gadget and do not install many games on it. Me and my sisters trying as best as we can to turn off our gadget when we are around the kids so they will know that we can do anything else, not just depending on our gadget. Hopefully it works.

Ah, by writing this post, make me missing my congklak, lompat tali, bola bekel, etc.

How about you? Want to be kids again?