Meet Up with Strangers: Why Not?

Did I ever wrote that I do really love meet up with new people? The only reason why I love to do that because I feel content every time I talk to them, include bloggers and travelers.

The massive meet up with bloggers that I ever attend was on BEC First Meet Up. In that event I met about 20 bloggers! Such a huge number for me. 😀

And beside bloggers, I always love meet up with the new friend while I did a travel. I still remember when I was joined as volunteer in Ubud Writer and Reader Festival 2011. I arrived in Bali on 10 pm, and suddenly one young lady say hi to me, “Deva?” and I was like, “Yes?” and still wondering, who is she.

“I am Trina from Philipinnes, one of UWRF’s volunteer. I am the one who want to share car rent cost with you tonight.”

Ah! On that moment, I really blamed my short memory, how come I didn’t remember her face!


Trina is one of the new friends that I know from UWRF 2011. And until now I still keep contact with the others. Share the stories, the knowledge and sometimes share the job also. Hahaha…that’s the power of networking, yes?

Volunteers of UWRF 2011
Volunteers of UWRF 2011

Btw yesterday, I found my UWRF’s friend through Twitter. 😀


After 4 years finally we can keep contact again. Horray!


Beside UWRF 2011, since 2012 until now I join with Petualang 24, the traveling community. Do not ask about the amount of member because we do not make any member data. Every time we do an open trip, we always have a new member to join. So it’s like: new trip new friends. 🙂

New trip new friends [Pic: Opa Mbul]
New trip new friends – Madura
[Pic: Opa Mbul]
And thank God, until now I have no bad experience when I meet with new people and do a traveling with them. Deep inside my heart, I hope every people who meet with me will feel content and comfortable also. 🙂

So once again, meet up with strangers: why not?

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