[EF #7] Enjoy the Moment


The picture taken on December, 2014 in Cirebon when I and my friends went to Kasepuhan Palace. We used two pedicabs and pay Rp 10.000,- per each. When suddenly turned around, I saw those two pedicabs drivers chatting while driving the pedicabs. Mmm…maybe I just mellow at that time but when I saw those two drivers, I smile. And talk to myself, “Life is not competition to be won.”

Ah, suddenly I am thinking about Jakarta, a very crowded city and full of the competition and…anger.

Let me tell you the story.

When I want to go to the office this morning, I saw a woman screaming to the bus driver, who push her motorcycle until the woman fall down, mm…not really fall down actually but just shaky a little bit. After that, some people come to help the woman and the bus driver need to pay some compensation to the women.

And the incident like that happens a lot of time in Jakarta.

To be honest, I feel sad every time I saw the incident like this. I am sad some people need to be fighting in the public area and shout some harsh words.

Back to those two pedicabs drivers, I saw peace on their faces. They are not in hurry to do their job. They enjoy the moment.

Well, when is the last time you really enjoy YOUR moment and do you can handle your emotion when meet something out of your expectation?