“Dev, do you have LINE?” that message come up on my WhatsApp.

“No, Bang. What’s up?” I replied to him.

“I want to invite you on LINE to talk about the idea about Blog English Club”

“Oh, but I do not have LINE. Wait for a minute, I will install LINE right away.”

At that time, the member of LINE (as I remember) only 5 persons; Bang Dani, Nita, Ryan, me, and Mas Andik. Bang Dani, Nita, and Ryan told that they want to launch the BEC on January 5 so I as the supporter only said, “Congratulation!” hahaha…

BEC logo

And the rest is history.

Until one day, Bang Dani sent a personal chatted with me personally asking me to join as an admin in BEC. Wow…! And at that time I wondered why me. Lucky me, Bang Dani explained it to me. Let’s move forward to the meaning of BEC for me.


BEC is not just an English learning group for me but this is the media for me to improve my blogging skill and knowing more about the people behind their blog.

Trust me, you can’t imagine how much unread chat in my phone everyday, which coming from Admin BEC Hore! Hahaha…we love talking about anything, especially about blogging things. My goodness, I never care about page rank, Alexa Rank, SEO’s things until I met Bang Dani, Nita, Ryan, and Mbah. They are professional blogger than me!

How about the member of BEC, Dev?

They are our fuel to improve this club into community!

I still remember that Nadia in Chit Chat room said that she hope we will held gathering and discuss more about writing in English. Her idea meets with my (hidden) passion also (read: love to arrange the event). So in the admin group we discussed about this idea and voila! We will make it on February 28, 2015 with the professional blogger and founder of Nulis Buku, Mbak Ollie Salsabeela. And hopefully if everything oc, we have plan to make this gathering regularly with different speakers. May I get aamiin from you? 😀

And how about the mentors, Dev?

To be honest, until today I still amazed about our mentors. They really awesome people. Can you imagine that we have 4 bloggers who want to spend their time and thought to teach us English for FREE? God bless them! And I learn one most important thing from them,

“Be kind to all the people, who need your help”

Thank you so much Mbak Yo, Mbak Mikan, Mbak Eva, and Mbak Nana. I really impressed with your kindness. Bow down!


So, Dev, if you need to conclude BEC in one word, what word you will choose?


Yes, passionate. All the members of BEC (both members, admins, or mentors) are passionate learner and their spirit always being my fuel to contribute more to the BEC. Hopefully that BEC will growth day-to-day and all the members of BEC can get more benefits in every way from this community.

Let’s read the first and second sentences of this image:

Source here
Source here

So, would you to share your voila moments in BEC? 😀



    aiih..kerenn! yes, passionate is the perfect word for BEC. From your story, I notice it's the passion that makes all this come true. *tepuktangan*
    Saya juga gak ngerti page rank-page rank-an nih, ditambah gaptek soal IT 😦 Ada yg mo ngajarin?


    1. We will see the first gathering, Nad. Hopefully there are many bloggers, especially members, who will attend this event.

      For the page rank-rank-an hahaa..may be you can ask Bang Dani or Nita, Nad. I know nothing about that. 😀


  2. aamiin.
    I’ll try my best to be passionate in learning English. I will never forget your effort (all of you, admins) in making this BEC. Thank you.

    For the first gathering, I still have no idea if I could come or not. I’m sorry. If I can make it, I’ll tell you guys right away.


  3. Ah, I hope I could join the gathering after the Feb 28th one :hehe
    Deepest gratitude for the admins, the mentors, and my new family in BEC. God bless you all :hihi


      1. I have TOEFL prep class until 12.30. I don’t think I could make it on time if I insist to come, since the gathering will be over at 13.30 🙂


      2. Yep, I can’t help myself from looking forward to meeting all of you!

        Have fun for the gathering, by the way! Say hello to all of the members for me :hehe


  4. Please enjoy the meet-up, Kak Dev, since the place is too far from here. Hopefully I can meet with BEC members in person.

    So true! I find myself getting more passionate in learning and blogging. Thank you, BEC :).


  5. Deva, I think you are the busiest admin right now with the gathering coming up 🙂

    Some notes from me since you want to be a travel writer :-D:
    “I want to invite you ON LINE to talk about the idea about Blog English Club”
    Wait a minute, I will install LINE RIGHT AWAY (not soon because you do it right then, no?)
    At that time, the member of LINE (as I remember) only 5 PEOPLE/PERSONS Bang Dani, Nita, Ryan, me, and Mas Andik. Bang Dani, Nita, and Ryan told that they wantED to launch tBEC on January 5 so I as the supporter only said, “Congratulation!” hahaha…(PERSONS is the old plural form of person, nowadays mostly used in law/agreement documents).
    Until one day, Bang Dani CHATTED WITH me PERSONALLY ASKING me TO JOIN AS AN in BEC. Wow…! And at that time I wonderED why me. Lucky me, Bang Dani EXPLAINED IT TO ME/PROVIDED SOME EXPLANATION?

    Your style is refreshing Dev. Again! I think I commented on it before.
    Well I’ll end my yapping here. Have a great weekend!


    1. Kita sudah beberapa kali share kok di blog masing-masing. Seperti di blog saya, cari kategori BEC. hehehe. Ini yang bikin admin agak “malas” nulis tantangan kemarin.


  6. Deva… I still remembered that time. I was afraid to chat with you though. hahahaha. But now…
    So sorry Dev for the chats. 😛
    And you show me what is passion really all about. *hmmm.. postingan lanjutan soal passion kali ya?*


  7. Oh Wow Deva. I’m blown away by your post. Love it love it love it!
    Thank you for keeping your patient toward Admin BEC Hore. Haha. We just can’t help it Dev. You are a very strong player and drive for the group and community.


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